hi, my name is genevieve, im a poet, this is my blog — welcome

after thinking for many months about what to name my blog, i decided on she awoke. “she” refers to my voice, the inner poet who awakens from time to time. sometimes she is ceaselessly awake, and at other times, i can go for weeks or even months without hearing her sweet inspirations.

i hope you find depth and inspiration in my words. when she, the voice of poetry, awakes, i feel whole, beautiful, wild, and nourished. may those qualities and many more awaken in you often. id love to read your words, too, so drop me a line.

–side-note: i find titles to be limiting most of the time, hence the lack of

i was recently published for the first time, in life matters journal. its been a long time dream, and its pretty addicting already — looking forward to publishing more soon.

cheers, a writing utensil cheers for all my old-school pencil and paper writers ..